Vedantu Online Education Service Full Review



In the past few years, online education has begun to gain some momentum. With a rapidly growing market, there’s bound to be interested in learning about this new area of education. In this article, we will discuss one of the educational websites Vedantu. Let’s see the full details of Vedantu in education and work towards goals that are relevant to your interests.

What Vedantu Offers?

Vedantu offers CBSE, ICSE, and State Board students from Class 6 to 12 a personalized learning experience with extensive designed courses. According to the Vedantu founders, this app includes India’s most experienced and famous professors, who have extensive teaching experience and have graduated from major engineering and medical colleges.

For IIT JEE, NEET, Other Competitive, and Boards exam preparation, this application includes preloaded practice papers, test series, and All India Live test modules. Take the exam to find out where you rank among your classmates and obtain an estimate of your All India Rank.


Course Fees Of Vedantu

The Vedantu cost structure is a little confusing. The price ranges from Rs 100 for students seeking sessions on a specific topic to Rs 50,000 for long-term courses to prepare students for undergraduate classes. They also provide a wide selection of courses, such as web coding. They can charge up to 1.5 lakh for their services.

What should you do before buying a new course?

First, try a 15-day free trial, and if you like it, sign up for a maximum of three years, or, in my opinion, only one year. I’m sure you were convinced to purchase such a large package by offering a substantial discount, called the scholarship. Everything about this is a manipulation.


You will be charged the same if you extend your plan after 1–2 years. Because the sales staff or so-called educational consultant must meet his sales objective, they will force you to take a large box.

How Vedantu Different From Byjus?

In terms of material and students, Byjus outperforms Vedantu, which appears to be more accurate. When we compare to Vedantu, Byjus provides a considerably more streamlined learning experience. In addition, Byjus has more customized and personalized features than Vedantu.

Vedantu’s Highlights:

  • It works well at very low Internet Bandwidths, Live Audio-video Connection Between teacher and student.
  • Students and teachers share a live learning environment (Whiteboard).
  • On Vedantu, a replay of every live session between teacher and student Is available For revision and review.
  • It provides tools for managing learning.
  • Session on mobile devices in real-time.

The Byju’s App Has The Following Features:

  • Byju’s easy learn app offers personalized learning journeys and engaging video lessons.
  • Byju’s online app is syllabus-mapped, with in-depth analysis and unlimited practice.
  • It also provides a Parent-child connection.

What are the best things in Vedantu?

The teachers are pleasant and approachable. The class’s slides are quite useful. The live class quiz, which we must answer with the help of the hot-spot, is the most exciting. Finally, using the leaderboard, we can see our overall performance in the class. The app’s UI is quite good, but it lacks dark theme compatibility, making it more difficult for students to prevent contact with blue light.

Needed Improvements

The problem is that the professors take a lot of time on advertising VIPs and other such subscriptions. Its advertisement can be found under the explore/home section. What good does it do to keep repeating them? It wastes a significant amount of time. Both the app and the website are too laggy and slow. The video lessons on the app bug are frequently difficult to access.



If you want a cost-effective solution while still receiving a high-quality education, especially for jee or neet preparation, PhysicsWallah is the place to go. He has hired teachers from notable coaching institutes and charges only Rs. 3000–6000 per year, which is far less than the internet platforms of these coaching institutes, which charge lakhs of rupees. Overall the Vedantu provides quite good educational service. If you like this article then share it with your friends.

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