Top 5 Fantastic Application For Watch Live Cricket


Cricket is embedded in the culture and tradition of the Indian subcontinent. In the subcontinent’s most popular sport, every local team competes against surrounding teams. In this article, we will see the top 5 best applications for watching live cricket on your mobile.

Jio Live Tv

JioTV App

Jio TV is a digital media streaming application integrated into Jio’s No. 1 Indian wireless data network’s smartphones, tablets, and other devices. It allows users to watch and listen to video and audio content from Jio TV’s over 300 channels. Customers can also watch live cricket and news channels on their mobile phones and tablets with Jio TV.


Users may access their Jio TV accounts through the internet and begin watching on any device with the Jio TV app installed. The Jio TV app is unique in that it is only available on the Jio TV platform and not on any other streaming provider. It is the most popular and stable smartphone application accessible.

Tata Play Tv

Tata Play Tv App

Tata Play is a live tv mobile app created by TataSky. The App has 600+ live television stations divided into several categories. Also, it provides a multitude of options for one’s use. It’s a massive boon to TV viewers. You may view all of the channels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere and anytime. You may recharge, add or remove a pack, change your profile, request movies, and more. The application functions similarly to a portable television. You can use your earphones to listen to your channels without disturbing others with sound pollution.


Tata Play differs from Tata Sky Recharge in that it offers access to 13 OTT platforms, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar, and others. Following the above concept, Tata Play will supply great content across Live TV and OTT platforms and will no longer be only a DTH provider.


Hotstar app

Hotstar is one of the best applications for watching live cricket and tv on your mobile. The App allows you to watch cricket anytime and from any location. It’s compatible with both Android and iOS.


Hotstar premium, which costs Rs.1499, includes all premium content, such as HBO and Disney shows, American TV shows, and more, and an ad-free interface and VIP content. Only two displays are being watched continuously while streaming at 1080p.

Hotstar VIP (Rs.399) gives you early access to Indian soap operas, sports, a few dubbed English movies, and Hotstar originals, but you’ll still have to deal with advertisements. It is streaming at 720p on a single screen at the same time.

If you are a die-hard fan of HBO/Disney series or other American television shows, you should purchase the 1499 plan. If you want to watch sports and don’t mind advertisements and 720p resolution, the 399 plan is for you.



Live commentary, live scores, live video lessons, information on every cricketer, cricket ground, cricket teams, and even information on the best teams, batters, bowlers, every team rankings, tells schedule of future matches, previous matches, recent matches, and so on are all available on cricbuzz.


sony live watch live cricket app


The majority of the information we want is readily available at all times. It would be even better if the app had a feature that allowed us to see the side’s position that batted first at any given point in time, such as after a certain number of overs.

It includes original episodes, online-only series, movies, live sports, etc. The company offers four tiers of subscriptions:

  • A weekly plan for Rs 29
  • A monthly plan for Rs 99
  • A half-yearly plan for Rs 299
  • A yearly plan for Rs 499

Depending on your budget and the type of material that interests you, you can choose from any OTT platform.


It has an excellent movie selection. However, it pales compared to Netflix, Prime, and Hotstar. However, it does contain films not available on any other app. It has fantastic sports channels and a large number of excellent television series.

ESPN CricInfo

ESPNCricinfo App

ESPN is a well-designed and helpful app that allows users to track scores from various sports; however, cricket is not included in the list of sports. To do so, you’ll need to download the Cricinfo app. You may get live scoring, news, and all the latest updates from various sports in several tabs.


If the AppApp adds a chatbox to each match, the AppApp will grow and grow, and people will be able to chat and debate the game if a chatbox is added to each game.
If it would be good to add a win prediction chart to each match in this application. However, this is an excellent application in general.

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