Deleted Data Recovery App Full Review


In today’s modern world, we can do everything on our mobile phones. You don’t need a camera to take photos, you don’t need a separate hard disk to save files, and everything can be done on your mobile now.

At such a time, what would you do if you unknowingly deleted a file on your mobile phone? It can even give us a big headache at times. Well, let’s get to the point. You should not suffer like this, I have prepared this article. I hope you will get a solution to your problem.

Also, in this post, I have told you how to recover permanently deleted files from both mobile and PC devices. Accidentally deleting an important file can be a frustrating experience. Whether it’s a document, a photo, or any other type of file, the pain of losing it can be challenging to cope with.


But don’t worry; there are ways to recover deleted files from your device. In this article, we’ll explain how to do just that, with step-by-step instructions on retrieving your lost data. Read on to learn more!

How To Recover Deleted Files From Your Mobile

Whatever video, audio, or files you have deleted on your mobile can be recovered instantly using this app. At the same time, this app has some other good features like the secret space AI image being more upscale, and you can quickly transfer files from your mobile to your PC. This app’s name is Dr.Fone, you can download this app from both the play store and the apple store.

How the deleted data recovery application works

Let’s say that you accidentally deleted a file on your mobile. That file will not be deleted entirely from your mobile. Instead, even if you take it as file space missing, even if you cannot see the file, the empty space will be overwritten by another file.


Till now, some android mobile does not have to recycle bin option. If so, you can recover your deleted files from the recycle bin.

Use android data recovery application only at such time. Well, now let’s see how these apps work. As I said earlier, the deleted files will be recorded as empty. These deleted data recovery applications can be used to find and convert them to a recoverable format.

The important thing is that before you delete the files if you install these types of data recovery applications on your mobile phone, you can quickly recover the files.


How To Use Dr.Fone Application

Dr Fone Deleted Files Recovery App (1)

Using Dr.Fone mobile application, you can recover deleted files like images,videos,audios might you have accidently deleted. You can retrieve deleted files with a single click by using the recently deleted files option in this application. To do a deep scan and recover the files, choose the folder you need and click on the scan option.

Useful Features in Wondershare Dr Fone

  • You can make your work easier by using many filters, such as file size, date, and time.
  • The good thing about this is that you don’t need to root your mobile like other data recovery apps.
  • Like recovering files, you can also recover deleted photos from your WhatsApp.
  • Using this app, you can transfer files from your mobile to pc and other mobiles.

An important thing before deleting files from your device

Although there are many applications to recover deleted files, you should remember one thing. I can’t say if you can recover your files all the time. You can quickly recover if you install and save these apps before deleting the files on your mobile phone. Even if you accidentally delete files, there is no problem.

You can keep your photos and videos private using the secret space option in this app. At the same time, you can use Ai Image Scaler to improve your low-quality image. The output is excellent. Also Dr Fone app provides premium plans that cost around 35$ per year and 11$ per month.

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Recover Permanently Deleted Files From Your Pc

recover deleted files in pc


Let’s assume that you have unknowingly deleted files from your computer. What do you usually do now? Go to recycle bin and recover it. You may have deleted the files in the recycle bin too. What will you do now? Don’t worry. I am going to tell you an excellent solution to that.

You can use this software to recover lost files on your computer and on external hard disks, memory cards, and SSD. We can quickly recover any files we have deleted without knowing, using Disk Drill software.

How to recover permanently deleted files?

  • After you download and install this software, open it.
  • After opening it, it will show all the disks connected to your computer.
  • Now select the files on which disk you want to recover, and all the files on that disk will be scanned.
  • This process takes at least 3 to 4 hours to complete.

After the scan is done, click on the review found item option. Now a window will open, in which all the files to be recovered will be listed. At the same time, if you look at the left side, a filter option will be given. You can select the file type based on that.


First, connect it to your computer if you want to recover files from an external hard disk, memory card, or SSD. After that, close this software once and open it again.

Many files are available; you can see previews of the files you need by clicking on them. Once you select the file you want to recover, press the recover button. After that, decide which disk you want to add it to. Now your files will be in the recovery process. Check after the files are fully recovered. It will be successfully recovered now.

Important thing: For now, you can quickly recover only files less than 500 MB using this disk drill software. If you want to recover the files above, you must buy the pro version.


If you are thinking of buying disk drill data recovery software pro version, first go to its official website and check.

Disk Drill Premium Details

disk drill software premium price details

There are three plans in total.

  • Basic plan
  • Pro plan ( it costs around 8813 Rupees)
  • Enterprise plan ( it costs around 49414 Rupees)

What are the features available in Disk Drill Premium version?

  • You can activate it on three devices at the same time.
  • You can use all recovery methods.
  • Also you can recover files from external hard disks, memory cards and ssd.
  • In the enterprise version of this software provides upto 10 users activation and forensic data export


Recovering deleted files from your device can be a tricky task. However, you can successfully get your deleted files back with the right tools and know-how. Whether you use third-party software or utilize the built-in recovery options on your device, you can be sure to have your deleted files back in no time. With a bit of patience and the proper methods, you can confidently handle any data recovery situation.

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