Elsa English Learning : Discover The App’s Feature and Uses


It is even more special if you know English now if you are going to a foreign country. Not only that, English has become so important in the current era.

Even if the mother tongue is different from many countries, if we know English, we can easily survive there. In this post, we will talk about how to learn English easily and an app that can be used for it! Well, let’s go to the article

How To Improve English With Easy Learning

English is one of the most spoken languages in the world. If you think it is difficult, it will be difficult. We learn new things by reading new things and talking to religious people. Similarly, English can be learned by speaking and reading.


To improve your English speaking skills, you need to practice speaking. You can do this by using a language exchange app and talking with people from different countries.

It will help you improve your pronunciation and vocabulary. At the same time you can use the website like grammarly for your English Writing Skills. The English learning app can help you find someone to talk with, and you can show them pictures of your favorite places in their country.

Using your mobile phone, you can improve your English knowledge even while you are idle. You can also speak English using apps like Duolingo, Elsa, and Memrise. Now let’s look at the English learning app I used, Elsa.


What is Elsa English Learning App and How it is work

Before seeing how this Elsa app works, let’s see why we should use it. The English pronunciation of each of us varies according to our mother tongue. Apps like Elsa are very useful in times like these.

This app is fully AI-based. When you use this, let’s say you speak an English word. For that, you need to turn on your mobile mic and speak.

The app has a conversational interface that teaches you English by asking questions and allowing you to answer them. The app also offers a list of questions based on your proficiency level in the language.


If there is any mistake in the English word you speak now, this Elsa app will point it out. You can download this app from both Playstore and Appstore. This application also has a premium version for which you have to pay.

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How to use it

  • After opening this app, you can either log in or use it in guest mode. After that, the AI system in this app will ask you to speak some words.
  • After you finish speaking, it will tell you what percentage of native English speakers you are in your pronunciation.
  • Then you should choose your native language. After that, choose beginner, intermediate, or expert.
  • Now you can choose how much time you want to devote to practice and turn on the reminder option.

My Opinion About Elsa

You can use it depending on your level of English knowledge in this application. We can schedule and shout at any time that is convenient for us. You don’t need to hire a coaching center or individual staff.

In this modern world, your mobile is enough, and you can shout everything. The important thing is that all this can only be done if you have a clear mind. The price of the premium version is a bit high. The premium version of this app’s price is almost 100$ per year. The question here is whether to pay such a price for an application.


Also it allows only 5 lessons a day for it’s free users. If you are a beginner, you can generously use the free version. Sometimes it doesn’t properly recognize the voice of the users.


Learning English is not a difficult task. The grammar, the idioms and the vocabulary can seem insurmountable obstacles for anyone without a good background in the language.

However, with patience and dedication, it is possible to learn to speak and write fluent English even without formal schooling or previous language knowledge.


Finally, It is the perfect app for beginner learners who want to practice their conversational skills or intermediate-level learners who want to brush up on their vocabulary skills.

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